Are you frying your hair???

Hey so we all love smooth, silky hair right???

Or maybe its bouncy waves and texture for you?

But more and more of us are reaching for the heat tools in the morning and I just wanted to chat to your about some pointers your really do need to know.

I heard a crazy stat once at a hair conference in Singapore it was something like there was 2.3 hair straighteners for every adult women in Australia but only 1 in 5 had heat protect. That's a lot of straighteners out there now that stat is testing my memory, I would love to know where I could check that fact but its still a bit mind boggling how many stylers are out there and as a hairdresser how many people don't use heat protect.

Now I get it some people think heat protect is just your hairdresser getting there sales pitch on but I have seen the difference time and time again. Have you ever had that feeling that your hair 'just won't grow' yet you have to have your hair looking good and your styler is your go to, here is how you can have healthy hair and still style your hair with a thermal styler or straightner.

First just a little health and safety, think of these items like you would an iron, in that you wouldn't let your child play with a Iron. Keep your straightener or styler out of reach. We stock the Evy pro styler and one thing I love about it as a mum is that it comes with a heat resistant roll bag so as soon as your done you place it in the role bag and up out of the way of little hands.

Now the reason for this blog is that so many people think that hotter is better right?? God when I was 19 and moved out I used to cook everything on high seriously I don't think I knew the stove top had a different setting I thought faster, quicker better right??? Not always. (thank god my cooking has improved too...)

Our styler has a tempreture range that goes up to 220 degrees. This is because they are a professional tool that we also use in the salon however in our salon the only time we use this temperature is in some Keratin smoothing services. For everyday styling we mostly use the styler on 190 degrees. 

Why this temp? Scientifically there are 3 types of bonds in the hair the salt bonds break and reform when the hair is wet and then dried. That's how we mostly used to style hair this also happens at high heat which is 180 degrees. So above 180 your hair will stand up to a little humidity and will mostly hold shape until the next time you shampoo it. Above 220 the disulfied bonds can break (especially blondes) this is the bonds we effect when perming or chemically straightening the hair, if not helped to reform or if too many are broken the hair just snaps off.

Now the Evy pro styler that we use and sell is shipped to Japan during manufacturing to have the plates infused with minerals, that add gloss, shine and health to your hair. 

That said the tools is designed to work for all hair types so unless you have super thick course unruly curly hair turn the heat down especially if your blonde or had lightening services.

I promise you at 190 degrees your hair will feel healthier it will not take you any longer to straighten. It takes a little self control when life is crazy busy but less slower passes at 190 will give you a better result and take less time then lots of quick passes at a higher temp.

One of the things I love about Nak is that they incorporate heat protect into most of their products so you don't need multiple things in your bathroom some of my favs are thermal shield, ultimate potion and aromas oil I find that these actually make it quicker to style my hair as well as helping it last longer and feel healthier. The healthier it is and the less breakage you have on those ends the quicker it will feel like your hair is growing.

Just a last note most hair straighteners are designed to last up to 5 years, some companies are 4. They figure you will replace it with better technology by this time but what this means for you is the parts are also designed to last this long. If your straightener is feeling hotter then it used to or the plates have lost their sheen and are starting to grip the hair then your best to replace it before it does too much damage sometimes the part that regulates the heat can go meaning you get an inconsistent temperature, you will know when this happens it just doesn't style your hair the same way it used to. I have not had this with our stylers in the salon but have seen it in many other consumer brands. 

Hope this help you grow long healthy hair :)

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